Personal Trainers


Angela Melotik

BS, ACSM | Fitness Professional

Brookfield Personal Trainer


Angie earned her bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. Angie originally found her love of movement and physical activity through her many years of dance experiences. She then went on to dance with UW-Milwaukee dance team as a Division 1 athlete. During her years in college, she further explored her passion in the field of fitness and wellness. Now, Angie thrives in this field and is dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Q & A

Q: Why did you become a personal trainer?
A: I became a personal trainer because I wanted to combine my desire to help others with my passion for health and fitness.

Q: What has been one of your favorite client experiences?
A: One of my favorite client experiences was with a client who not only lost 30 pounds in 8 months, but in the process also found she truly enjoyed being active and lifting weights.

Q: What is your proudest physical achievement?
A: I am proud of maintaining a healthy active lifestyle and improving my physical health despite dealing with everyday obstacles.

Q: Why do you love Orange Shoe?
A: I love building relationships with clients in the positive, safe, energetic and motivating atmosphere that Orange Shoe provides!