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Personal Trainers

Kyla Hyland

ACE | Fitness Professional

Personal Trainer Fitchburg


Kyla has a passion for helping people reach their goals as she reaches her own. She was a competitive swimmer for over ten years both for her high school team as well as USA Swimming. Kyla has been teaching/coaching swimming for over five years for all ages, but enjoyed teaching adults the most. She is a person to trust when it comes to facing your fears and getting out of your comfort zone!


Q & A

Q: Why did you become a personal trainer?

A:I really enjoy helping people reach goals they never thought they could reach. I like encouraging and supporting others when they reach that physical/mental barrier!

Q: What has been one of your favorite experiences?

A:When I was a swim coach I had a swimmer falling behind the rest of the group when we first started. He didn’t want to swim, but I continued to tell him he can do anything he put his mind to. He just needed the extra encouragement and now he’s reaching goals left and right!

Q:What is your proudest physical achievement?

A: I lost 30 pounds last year, and now I’m looking to lose those last 20!

Q: Why do you love Orange Shoe?

A: Orange Shoe provides for its people and thrives on client experience. The staff create a welcoming and fun environment as soon as you walk through the door. Orange Shoe truly cares about its people, and I am so proud to work for them.