Client of the Month: Amy Gunderson

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Amy knew she had to change, she just needed that extra jump start so she reached out to the team at Orange Shoe-Andersonville. Here is what she had to say about her experience. 


What do you love most about Orange Shoe?

The community. I love that I know who I’m going to see when I walk through the doors.


What are your favorite classes/session types at Orange Shoe?

The ones where I can combine a strength class with some sort of intervals (WORK, HIIT, Tabata). I’m a glutton for punishment.


What motivates you to go hard in your workouts?

The best thing about being a “small grouper” is that we motivate one another during our workouts. Also, I really enjoy food, so that’s great motivation


 What is your favorite post workout snack? 

Plain non-fat greek yogurt with a little honey, fruit, and granola. Also, coffee.What’s your favorite post workout snack?


What’s your next goal at Orange Shoe?

Being named Member of the Year! (just kidding) I share every woman’s dream of having arms like Michelle Obama. But mostly, I want to continue to feel healthy, strong, and energized.