Client of the Month: Katie Viernum

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Katie reached out to Orange Shoe so she could improve her fitness, preparing her for her first half Marathon.


What do you love most about Orange Shoe?

I love that the experience is both physical and social! I get challenging workouts while sharing laughs, encouragement, and exhaustion with some really great people.


What are your favorite classes/session types at Orange Shoe?

There's so much variety!  I try to get a good mix of strength and cardio in throughout the week, but I particularly enjoy doing back-to-back classes (especially when they're heavy on the tread and light on the bike).


What motivates you to go hard in your workouts?

The idea that I can do a little more than I think I can.  Sometimes it's internal; sometimes it's external, with each trainer having his or her own special way of presenting it : )


What’s your favorite post workout snack?

Apple, carrots, and celery with peanut butter.


What’s your favorite workout outside of The Shoe?

Running through Edgewater and along the lake.