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Shae White

MS, RCEP, Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Personal Trainers in Pewaukee

MS, RCEP, Clinical Exercise Physiologist 
why did you become a personal trainer?
Growing up I was always in sports that continued throughout college. While being a collegiate athlete I realized how important physical activity was for the body.
favorite client experience?
When I first moved here I met a young woman who was struggling with postpartum depression. When i met her she didn't even know why she came to the gym because she hated exercising. Two months later she was a completely different person. She was no longer depressed and said she has never felt better physically, mentally, and emotionally. 
proudest physical achievement ? 
I became a 2018 NAIA all-American in track my senior year of college and I passed my RCEP exam to be a registered clinical exercise physiologist. 
Why do you love orange shoe? 
I love the ability to see people reach their fitness goals and create a healthy balanced lifestyle.