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Costs are surprisingly reasonable. On the low end some of our clients choose us for once a month nutrition consulting. On the high end a client might get 1 on 1 with a trainer 3 times a week. We are remarkably effective at helping you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals regardless of your budget and current lifestyle!

“I’ve been working with the amazing people at Orange Shoe in Sun Prairie since January. I’ve been retired for a few years and I haven’t been very good about taking care of myself so I, well actually it was more my wife, decided I needed some help. So after visiting a few facilities in the area I decided to work with Orange Shoe. It has definitely been the right choice. They customize the program based on my needs and they are sooo supportive offering encouragement at just the right times. This place is awesome and Emily, Michaela and John are the best. The changes they have now made to keep us working through this difficult time are terrific. Seeing one of their faces pop up in my Zoom meeting screen just brightens my day. Well, at least Michaela and Emily do. Sorry John. 😉 All in all, my quality of life is better. I feel better, I sleep better, and best of all, I can spend a day with my grandkids and not be totally exhausted at the end. Thank you Orange Shoe.” – Gary D

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We offer several programs like small group training, nutrition coaching and personal training. Regain your personal health with a plan and routine specifically customized to your unique abilities and desires from the expert trainers at Orange Shoe. Not only are our training plans customized for your needs and wants, but our trainers will work with you to provide the best experience possible. Additionally, if you are unable to come to our studio or just prefer the comfort of your own home, we can work to accommodate you. Our trainers can come to your home to meet with you one-on-one in person. Do you need to be more COVID conscious but still want to improve your health? We even provide virtual training and can meet with you virtually through Zoom!

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