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After less than a month of partnering with the team at Orange Shoe, I gained so much confidence in what my body was capable of doing, I joined the sailing club. I’ve had so many great adventures learning how to sail... Read More...
Whitney Johnson
I came to Orange Shoe a year ago, very overweight, out of shape with bad knees... Now, thanks to Orange Shoe training, I work out 5-6 times a week, can do deep squats, walk up stairs and steep hills with no problem, and the weight is coming off! Read More...
Lisa Weaver
Into my seventh decade, I now carry an 80 lb pack further into the forest, walk more miles of trails with less strain, and at a significantly lower heart rate. The professional staff at Orange Shoe are improving and extending the days I cherish in the field - and - the very quality of my life. Read More...
Rick Lesniewski
I thought obesity, coupled with a previous neck injury, would keep me in that unhealthy state forever. Today, I am so much stronger. I've gone from barely being able to walk, to rugged trail hiking/running upwards of 5 miles, even hiking the Pitons in St. Lucia. It feels amazing to be better in my body! Read More...
Tammy Arneson
Over time, I lost a total of 65 pounds and my doctor took me off all of my medicines. I am no longer diabetic. I took up running and I have completed many 5 and 10k races. I began lifting weights and to date, two of my best PRs are in deadlift (225 pounds) and bench press (125 pounds). Read More...
Jeannie McCarville
I chose to partner with Orange Shoe, because I believed/trusted they would lay out the proper game plan to keep me safe, challenged, but most importantly supported and encouraged. I will never be able to thank you and your team, for the “me” you have helped me discover. Read More...
Cheryl Augustine
For 45 years, I couldn’t do a pull up. I began training earlier this year at Orange Shoe and now I can do three after a full workout. Thanks to everyone at The Shoe, I more fully realize that improvements and upgrades in every aspect of my life can be made with effort and determination. Read More...
Bob Jones
The team at Orange Shoe isn't like any other team, they listen and customize to my personal health, fitness & wellness needs... I want to be around to see my kids' adult dreams develop. I'm more confident now than ever that I'll be a part of these future memories! Read More...
Janet Johnson
There is nothing about my life that is “slow” with 3 kids who are 3 & under! Partnering with the team at Orange Shoe allows me to keep up with my home life while giving me the escape I need for just "me time”. Read More...
Katie Blasi
Before joining Orange Shoe, I was overweight, depressed and thought getting fit was impossible. My first personal goal was to do one pull up on my own. Now I train 3 times a week, am stronger than I ever have been and can do 2 1/2 pull ups without assistance. Read More...
Katie Bolen

Orange Shoe has been a game changer for me. The team keeps it interesting, productive and fun!

Michael A.

Client since 2014

I love the personal feel of Orange Shoe rather than the 'big box' health club feel. My sessions always challenge me and are tailored to me (no cookie cutter sessions here!!!)

Joyce B.

Client since 2015

I was very out of shape when I started (not having set foot in a gym in almost 7 years). The personal training and small group classes have been extremely effective!

Ryan K.

Client since 2015

Workouts are customized to our level so that we, as 60+ year olds, can train in the same class as 20-somethings. We most highly recommend Orange Shoe!

Brenda R.

Client since 2007

I can't imagine working out anywhere else. The trainers are knowledgeable, professional, and there for YOU!

Meghan K.

Client since 2009

I never considered myself a fan of the gym until I joined Orange Shoe. There's a wonderful atmosphere there and I highly recommend it for anyone needing an extra push to achieve their fitness goals.

Ryan B.

Client since 2015

The trainers are exceptional and true professionals.

Janis C.

Client since 2011