What we do

Join our judgement free gym of like minded, motivated individuals and begin your journey towards a happy, healthy life today.

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Helping You Stay Fit

Helping You Stay Fit

Orange Shoe is a holistic health and fitness training facility designed for anyone who’s motivated to improve their life. We offer a plethora of fitness programs including:

  • Personal Training 
  • Small Group Fitness Classes 
  • Nutritional Coaching 
  • Virtual Fitness Classes 

Customized Training and Nutrition

Orange Shoe isn’t just another generic gym with personal trainers who’ll go through the same exercise routine with you day after day. Orange Shoe takes into consideration your personal goals, age, and past fitness experience to customize the perfect fitness regimen to help you achieve your dreams. From helping people recover from an injury to running a marathon, we’ll create the right program for you. 

Our services don’t end there. Orange Shoe offers personalized nutrition coaching with qualified in-house nutritionists. We’ll formulate a diet for you that’ll meet your nutritional needs and you’ll love to eat.   

Join our judgment-free gym of like-minded, motivated individuals, and begin your journey towards a happy, healthy life today.

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