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12 month, 100% online nutrition program.

Nutritionists helping you build healthy foundations

The Healthy Foundations nutrition coaching program at Orange Shoe is all about developing hands-on, real-world practices and skills that will help you make positive nutritional changes for good. If you’re tired of diets, rules, restriction, calorie counting, and food-related stress, this is the program for you!

Watch the short video to learn what others have done to help gain control over their daily eating habits.

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Healthy Foundations Testimonials.

The past year has been truly life altering. I have learned so much about not only nutrition but about myself. The program is a year because we make changes that LAST - these are not "quick fixes" - these are habits that take time to master. These habits become part of how we think and they help shape our behaviors. This program taught me how to view nutrition, how to make better decisions and how to prioritize rest, sleep and self-compassion. I now feel like I am truly a fit and healthy person. I feel CONFIDENT in my skin. I feel comfortable in shorts, a t-shirt, a tank top, you name it! I choose healthy foods without a hesitation. The most important outcome is that my family is healthier too! In the past year, I have not altered my workouts at all. I still run, lift, do yoga and other activities - but I have completely reformed my eating. The nutrition was the piece missing for me. The Healthy Foundations Nutrition program helped me make progress that I am confident I can maintain.

– KS