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At Orange Shoe, we create a custom approach to your health and wellness.  Results don't need to cost a fortune, many Orange Shoe clients are seeing progress and improvement with their health and wellness for as little as $209 a month. Orange Shoe creates custom solutions to fit your schedule, your budget, and your goals.

Andersonville personal trainer rates.

*At Orange Shoe, we don't rely on long-term contracts. We want to earn our clients' trust and business each month. All clients are on a month-to-month training agreement. Isn't that how all gyms should operate?

Starting at $37/session Partner Training

Working out is always more fun with a friend by your side! Get all the great results as personal training at a 29% reduced training rate when you buddy up with a partner!

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I use my health and fitness to recharge my batteries from my responsibilities as a mother and business owner, which includes hiking trips with my girlfriends!

-Katie M.
Orange Shoe Partner Training Session

$209/mo Small Group Classes

Do you like the energy of training in a small group class plus the expertise and guidance of our certified personal trainers? That’s great, you’ll get the “attention to details” that our personal training clients receive as well as the camaraderie and community of having other clients in the class! Join us in our daily classes 2-3 times a week (or more) depending upon your schedule and goals.

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Not only was I able to keep up with my son snowboarding, but my endurance and recovery were great. Thanks for keeping me in 18 year old-ish shape at 51!

-Hans E.
Small Group Class Client

$55/session One on One Personal Training

Has it been a while since you've hit the gym?? Perhaps you're coming off an injury or a surgery. We understand that some people want/need the individual attention of a personal trainer. Regardless of your starting point, our personal trainers will ensure you feel safe and confident with your program. Most programs begin with 2-3 personal training sessions a week. Have a friend who you'd like to join you??

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Ask about our "Partner Training" option! Sharing is caring!

I have more strength, flexibility and energy to stay active with my six grandkids. It’s a wonderful thing to not sit in a chair and watch life pass me by!

- Christy M.
Personal Training Client

Pricing varies Customized Package Create your own plan

Want a little bit of this and a little bit of that?? We'll customize your training experience so you have a little bit of everything!

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I’m doing more in the first 2 years of my 40’s than I did throughout my entire 30’s! I love the "new me" (which is 30 pounds lighter and way stronger!)

-Christi S.
Customized Package Client

Signing up for Orange Shoe personal training is your first step to MASTER YOUR DNA. You’re already successful in other aspects of your life. It’s time for your body to catch up. Our personal training sessions, fitness classes, in-home personal training and nutrition coaching help you make the long-term changes you need to improve your health and fitness for good. Invest in your vitality and increase your quality of life. 

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Different programs to fit you. Results your way!

The first step to better health is building a baseline level of accountability to yourself. TODAY is the best day to start examining your habits and implementing the small changes that will change your life in a big way. Before you do anything else START TODAY - GET YOUR FREE PLANNING SESSION.

My health and wellness allows me to be an example for my kiddos. Life is an adventure and meant to be lived. It's not for sitting on the sidelines.

- Lauren Birkel


It’s about being able to do the things I want to do with the people I want to do them with. I value feeling strong and capable to still do the things I loved when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. Thanks Orange Shoe!

- Tim K.


For 45 years, I couldn’t do a pull up. I began training earlier this year at Orange Shoe and now I can do three after a full workout. Thanks to everyone at The Shoe, I more fully realize that improvements and upgrades in every aspect of my life can be made with effort and determination. Read More

For 45 years, I couldn’t do a pull up. I began training earlier this year at Ora… Read More

- Bob Jones


There is nothing about my life that is “slow” with 3 kids who are 3 & under! Partnering with the team at Orange Shoe allows me to keep up with my home life while giving me the escape I need for just "me time”. Read More

There is nothing about my life that is “slow” with 3 kids who are 3 & under! Par… Read More

- Katie Blasi


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