Personal Training

The fitness You need with personal trainers and fitness classes near Mt Horeb

Personal Training and Fitness Classes to meet YOUR needs

Our nutrition coaching training sessions are tailored to YOUR goals so you’re guaranteed to see results when you start training at the location near Mt Horeb.  Our experienced trainers make sure to take into account what you need to succeed and make results happen.

If you prefer training with a group, you can sign up for one of our fitness classes at our personal training studio near Mt Horeb. You’ll have the support of fellow Orange Shoe clients, while still receiving individualized attention throughout the class.  If you prefer to have more 1-on-1 attention, we also offer that to all clients.

If working out from home is best for you, we offer in-home personal trainers, who will meet you at your house, work, or anywhere that is convenient for you to get that workout in!   

What you want we want. Take time for yourself and Master YOUR DNA.

Our personal trainers serve clients across Mt Horeb and surrounding areas. Get directions to our studio!

Training customized to YOU!

Have you tried working out, but don't have the motivation to do it on your own? Come to Orange Shoe where we will make all your workouts custom to what YOU want.  We will help you meet all the fitness goals you have set while becoming the best version of yourself. Come in today and start your training!

Try our small group fitness classes for a social workout that is tailored to your needs, all from Orange Shoe gyms near Mt Horeb, WI.

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