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Park Ridge personal training.

Join Orange Shoe for one-on-one personal training in Park Ridge Chicago that delivers results. Our professional trainers will tailor your gym experience within your limits to push you toward your fitness goals. Don't fall for fitness fads that have you doing the same exercises week after week, month after month. Orange Shoe personal trainers work with you to develop a plan that continuously evolves to avoid plateaus and keep you motivated.

Park Ridge personal training services to suit YOUR needs.

Our mission is to improve your health. Each training session is personalized to you and your goals. Your trainer will be focused on you and you alone to ensure your safety and performance through every exercise.

Improve your health on your own terms with in-home personal trainers, small group fitness classes, and nutritionist coaching.

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Companion training.

Staying consistent with your fitness plans isn't always easy. Training with a partner can inspire you to remain driven when you'd rather quit. At Orange Shoe, we offer partner training in groups of two for anyone who prefers to work out together including your spouse, significant other, family member, or gym buddy.

Orange Shoe will match you with an experienced trainer who will develop your custom personal training program along your side to help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun, safe environment.

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faster Our personal training coaching is the fastest and most efficient way to increase your strength, cardiovascular health, and lean body mass. Period.
stronger Challenge your body and do things you never thought possible. Feel stronger, more capable, & healthier than ever.
smarter The right training plan can help you develop at any fitness level. Get a custom plan built for you based on your body and your goals.