Personal trainer for running.

personal trainer for running

From crossing your first finish line to achieving a new PR, Orange Shoe personal trainers for running help you every step of the way. Our personal trainers get to know you and your health and fitness goals before designing a safe and effective training plan to help YOU accomplish your personal best.

Our personal trainers for running use their experience working with sprinters, marathon runners and joggers to create a custom fitness plan to help you increase strength and balance, prevent injuries and improve endurance.

Whether you’re running for weight loss, a race, sports, stress relief or long-term health, our trainers act as your running coach, working with you to improve form, speed, nutrition and recovery. Your training is fully customized – train at one of our personal training studios, at work, at home or wherever is most convenient for you. Choose from 1-on-1 sessions, partner training or work in some small group training inspired by moves from your favorite fitness classes.

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