The best gym in Madison is actually this studio – or your home/office.

Big box gyms try to brainwash you into believing they can meet all your health and fitness needs with $10/month, an excess of cardio machines or 24 hour access. The reality: these primitive Sun Prairie gyms prefer to pocket your membership fees when you don’t show up for months—or years. Don’t surrender to brainwashing. Get healthier for good with Orange Shoe Personal Fitness studio in Sun Prairie.

It’s no surprise Generic Gym Road hasn’t gotten you where you want to be. The path to better fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all. Your goals, your limits and your DNA affect how you can improve your health safely and effectively. Orange Shoe Personal Fitness gives you the resources and support you need to master your DNA.

Orange Shoe personal trainers are dedicated to getting to know YOU. We design a custom program of personalized workouts and nutrition coaching to help you meet your health and fitness goals. You can train at our friendly Sun Prairie studio, or at your own home or office with our in-home personal trainers.

Need extra accountability? Schedule a partner training session. Prefer to work out in a group? Unlike fitness classes at Sun Prairie gyms where you’re ignored and crammed in a corner, you’ll get individual attention even in our small group training.

Don’t go back to what doesn’t work. Make the change for better health with Orange Shoe personal training. It’s time you invested in yourself.

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