Orange Shoe Personal Trainers

Orange Shoe Personal Fitness™ crew

Personal Trainers & Nutrition Coaches Full Bio

Scott Michel

BS, CSCS, Managing Partner | Fitness Professional

Get Results with Madison Downtown Personal Trainers Full Bio

Lauren Birkel

MSW, CSCS | Owner, Fitness Professional

Managing Partner Full Bio

Katie Michel

BS, AAAI Pilates/Yoga, 200 RYT, Virtual NASM | Managing Partner

Premium Personal Trainers in Fitchburg Full Bio

Brent Hurlbert

BS, CSCS, PN1 | Owner, Fitness Professional

Premium Personal Training & Fitness Classes in Fitchburg Full Bio

Amber Peterson

BS, JD | Fitness Professional

Best Personal Trainers in Madison West Full Bio

Brandon Scheidler

BS, NSCA-CPT | Manager, Fitness Professional

Premium Personal Trainers in Madison West Full Bio

Jacob Spaeth

BS, ACE CPT, NSCA CSCS | Fitness Professional

Best Chicago Personal Trainers in Lakeview Full Bio

Wade Anderson

MS, IFPA-CPT | Co-Owner, Fitness Professional

Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching in Lakeview Chicago Full Bio

Ken Fron

BS, ACSM, BCTMB | Fitness Professional, Massage Therapist | Co-Owner

Premium Personal Trainers & Fitness Classes in Lakeview Chicago Full Bio

Talha Sajjad

BS, ACSM CPT, | Co-Owner, Fitness Professional

Best Personal Trainers in Andersonville Full Bio

Ted Fournier

BS, NPTI-CPT | Co-Owner, Fitness Professional

Andersonville Personal Trainers and Nutritionists Full Bio

Paul Rogus

BS, CSCS, Co-Owner | Fitness Professional

Middleton personal trainer Full Bio

Ryan Borgardt

BS, NSCA-CPT, XPS, XFS | Fitness Professional

Personal Trainer in Sun Prairie Full Bio

John McKiddy

AS, NASM Fitness Professional | Owner

Personal Trainer in Sun Prairie Full Bio

Emily McKiddy

BS, MS, NASM | Fitness Professional | Owner

Full Bio

Abby Resch

BS, CPT, Managing Partner | Fitness Professional

Full Bio

Bryce Niemi

ACE | Fitness Profesional

Full Bio

Jacki Watzke


Sun Prairie Personal Trainer | Jenna Schulz Full Bio

Jenna Schulz

Awarded best of Madison silver, PN1 | Fitness Professional

Full Bio

Jack Valutis

BS, CSCS | Fitness Professional

Full Bio

Jennifer Gaeding

MS | Fitness Professional

Max Hoban Full Bio

Max Hoban

NASM CPT | Fitness Professional

Fitness and Yoga Teacher Full Bio

Janelle McCann

NASM, RYT | Fitness Professional

Personal Trainer University Ave Full Bio

Maggi Hilgers

BS, NASM CPT | Fitness Professional

Full Bio

Sean Geffert

Owner, Fitness Professional

Eden Riphenburg Full Bio

Eden Riphenburg

NASM CPT | Fitness Professional

Ibraheem Oguntade Full Bio

Ibraheem Oguntade

MS, ACSM CPT | Fitness Professional

Jaden Hernandez Full Bio

Jaden Hernandez

CPT | Fitness Professional

Chris Feedosky Full Bio

Chris Fedosky

CPT, CES | Fitness Professional

Carrie Plovanich Full Bio

Carrie Plovanich

NASM CPT, CF 2 , MAD SPIN, FIRST AID/CPR | Fitness Professional

Nichole Rybicki Full Bio

Nichole Rybicki

BS, NASM CPT | Fitness Professional

Breana Bennett Full Bio

Breana Bennett

ACE, PN | Fitness Professional

Mallory Lopez Full Bio

Mallory Lopez

BA RYT 200 | Fitness Professional

Ryan Taplick Full Bio

Ryan Taplick

Fitness Professional

Jack Wenz Full Bio

Jack Wenz

NASM, Fitness Professional

Ford Bruton Full Bio

Ford Bruton

BS, ACE | Fitness Professional

Russell Martin Full Bio

Russell Martin

BS |Fitness Professional

Shukri Full Bio

Shukri Shabani

AS, ACE | Fitness Professional

Anahi Tilapa Full Bio

Anahi Tilapa

BS, NASM | Fitness Professional

Margo Mashinter Full Bio

Margo Mashinter

ACE PT and Nutrition | Fitness Professional

Jake Resch Full Bio

Jake Resch

BBA, ACE, Managing Partner | Fitness Professional

Connor Clemetson Full Bio

Connor Clemetson

BS, ACE,CSNC, co-owner | Fitness Professional

Nabeel Qureshi Full Bio

Nabeel Qureshi

MBA, NASM-CPT | Fitness Professional

Oliver Huston Full Bio

Oliver Huston

Fitness Professional

Kierra Steffes Full Bio

Kierra Steffes

ACE | Fitness Professional

Grant Dahlhauser Full Bio

Grant Dahlhauser

PN1 | Fitness Professional

Full Bio

Elizabeth Ebrahimy Full Bio

Elizabeth Ebrahimy

NASM, BS | Fitness Professional

Pia Bornschlegl Full Bio

Pia Bornschlegl

NASM CPT | Fitness Professional

Erik Aellig Full Bio

Erik Aellig

MBA, NASM |Fitness Professional

We have the best personal trainers in Wisconsin & Illinois

Since 2004, the personal trainers at Orange Shoe have helped people improve their lives and health as they develop into the best versions of themselves.

When people are confident and motivated by their achievements in personal fitness, they become better parents, better spouses, better employees, and better at managing stress. In short, everything is BETTER!

The fitness industry will always be evolving, but one thing is certain: Orange Shoe personal trainers will always be focused on creating long-lasting relationships with their clients, other fitness professionals, and the communities they serve.

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